Financial Aid at SCSU by Carl Castro

NEW HAVEN, Conn.—The letter finally arrived at the home of Megan Lynch, liberal studies major at Southern. It was a letter from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA as it’s… Continue reading

Hypertension in African American Women by Carl Castro

NEW HAVEN, Conn.,— With an interest in autonomic control of blood pressure, Peter Latchman, professor of exercise science, said he and his colleagues are working on a discovery that could possibly explain why… Continue reading

Sky’s the Limit

I was in New York visiting a cousin who’s currently trying to become a doctor. I’m walking out of Grand Central and felt a drop of water fall on my head. I look… Continue reading

New Year, New Habits

Okay lets be real, we probably do a terrible job at keeping our New Years resolutions. We promise ourselves we’ll quit smoking, lose weight, find a job, do better in school, yahdah yahdah… Continue reading

Will Ferrell ‘s ‘Elf’ for free!

Android users,  For a limited time,  you can get Will Ferrell ‘s classic movie Elf for free(!) in the Play Store. You can also purchase the HD version for $5. 

Android Emoji!

  Android users can finally tell their iOS counterparts to shut the hell up about emoji’s  because Swiftkey 4.5 Beta now has emoji support! (Download from phone directly) Yeah thats right, monkey’s, pile of… Continue reading

First Podcast

First Podcast Its that time of year again, where everyone and their grandmas are hitting the stores to reap all the benefits of holiday sales. Avoid the crowds this season and have a… Continue reading

The Terminators of Employment

by Carl Castro Oct. 8, 2013 NEW HAVEN – Robots have done some remarkable things for mankind. They’ve helped explore distant planets, assist in military operations, and even save lives on the operating… Continue reading

Magazine Layout

I’m new to InDesign, but I noticed it wasn’t too hard to get use to. The basic tools of it, as far as magazine and newspaper layout goes, is user friendly as long… Continue reading

SD Card Sale!

  Gizmodo is my favorite website for all my tech news. They’ll cover everything from the new Apple product to NASA’s new land rovers.  They give reviews and comparisons on almost any electronic gadget that… Continue reading