How CTTRANSIT depends on tax dollars.

  Whether it’s commuting to work, shopping downtown, or visiting friends and family, CTTRANSIT provides a public bus service to help commuters get around Connecticut every day for a $1.50 per ride. The… Continue reading

Bus Maintenance: CTRANSIT’s New Haven Division HQ

The CTTRANSIT’s New Haven Division headquarters, located in Hamden, Connecticut, is a 296,000-square-foot building that houses over 325 hundred employees and 130 buses–97 of those buses are on the road during peak hours.… Continue reading

It’s Safer on the Bus

As the sun began to set Debbie Sholun leans against a bus shelter with cigarette in hand. After a day of grocery shopping the New Haven native waits for her bus, talking to two… Continue reading

Broken Bus Clothing brought on by frustration.

Inspired by the flaws he’s seen on CTTransit’s buses, Zachary Maxwell, a New Haven resident, and his friend decided to make a shirt that conveyed his frustrations. On a white t-shirt, in black,… Continue reading

After high school, 18-year-old commuter wants out.

    His voice was soft at first, but became louder and more robust as Rafel Sanabria, senior at Riverside Academy, explained his plans after high school. “I’m moving to Atlanta because it’s… Continue reading

The D-Bus for some B-Roll

The Good ol’ D-Bus The sound of rustling leaves surrounded me as I walked towards the bus stop on a breezy,cool autumn day in October. While walking down the hill, I saw the D-bus… Continue reading

Interview Fail

  A Realization As a journalism student I’ve come to realize that people are the most important part in reporting. It’s people that give an article life.  It’s what makes an article worth… Continue reading

The Day Starts When the Bus Stops

    For many Connecticut residents the New Haven green is where their day starts. As the central hub for public buses,the bus shelters around the perimeter of the green are often crowded.  For… Continue reading

On a Bus From Hamden to New Haven

As I walked closer toward the bus stop, near the corner of Dixwell Avenue and Skiff Street, memories from walking through the streets of New York  filled my head. Broken shopping carts with trash inside, cigarette… Continue reading

Will Write for Food

  Today I’m leaving for my trip for, what will be, one of the the craziest journalistic experiences I’ll undergo. This past summer I was chosen as one of the writers for this year’s… Continue reading