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A few months ago, I had the opportunity to create a photo essay on MakeHaven in New Haven, CT. Check it out below!   Advertisements

Derby Middle School’s Genius Hour Create ‘Cases For A Cure’

  DERBY, Conn.—For an hour a week students at Derby Middle School indulge in personal projects involving fashion design, coding, and analyzing the structural integrity of the Titanic. English teacher Jennifer Andrews implemented a… Continue reading

My last night in Salamanca

I wrote this on July 25, 2015 in Salamanca, Spain. It was absolutely incredible. I’ll never forget the people I’ve met along the way. There is no life better than your own.  … Continue reading

Peaceful and civil, Protesters take to the streets of New York.

I was walking back from Union Square to Grand Central after picking up some Christmas gifts. It was a terrible time to be in New York. The rain poured all day and my… Continue reading

After high school, 18-year-old commuter wants out.

    His voice was soft at first, but became louder and more robust as Rafel Sanabria, senior at Riverside Academy, explained his plans after high school. “I’m moving to Atlanta because it’s… Continue reading

The Day Starts When the Bus Stops

    For many Connecticut residents the New Haven green is where their day starts. As the central hub for public buses,the bus shelters around the perimeter of the green are often crowded.  For… Continue reading

Lighting Shoot

Yesterday I got a chance to work with Phil Hovey, professional photographer based in Connecticut, and learned some photography techniques to use under bad sunlight. We worked with Carlee, a hairdresser/model/ singer/actress and dog lover.… Continue reading

Off to the White Mountains

An Instagram photo of a  few things I’ll be bringing.     Thunderstorms with your occasional lightening bolts fill the Connecticut sky tonight. It’s suppose to rain until tomorrow morning, the day I start… Continue reading

A Grad’s Grandad

      I attended a graduation and the family next to me couldn’t stop cheering. If I had to guess, this man’s grandson was the one called up to receive his diploma. I… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

This is my very first weekly photo entry. I hope you guys enjoy!     I’m wandering around the streets of Brooklyn one day and saw this. It’s the middle of summer and… Continue reading