Last minute paper, No pressure.

It’s finals week here at Southern and students are feeling the pressure. Dec. 11,2014 marks the first day of finals week and students are trying to put together their final papers and cram in facts,at the last minute, as stress looms over them. For some, finals week isn’t all that bad. They have methodically managed their time throughout the semester, feeling confident in their chances of getting a good grade on their final exams or projects.

On that day Emily Wambolt, junior public health major, was sitting on a bench near the psychology department of the basement floor in Engleman Hall. Her eyes were glued to her laptop, mouthing the words as she typed them out. She just finished one final exam for her epidemiology class and now she was trying to finish a final paper for her psychology class.

“For the epidemilogy class I probably studied for days may be a little more than a week,” said Wambolt.

Emily Wambolt types up her final paper for her psychology class.

Emily Wambolt types up her final paper for her psychology class.

As she was waiting for her psychology partner to show up, Wambolt took the initiative to get a head-start on the paper.

“My paper is based on a dialog between a parent and psychiatrist that me and my partner made up,” said Wambolt. “The goal is to analyze the intelligence the parent and psychiatrist use when the parent complains to the psychiatrist about how her child isn’t able to learn in school. We analyze the reactions from each person and explain why they said that.”

Aside from the lengthy lectures she had to endure all semester, Wambolt said her paper is also based on 15 PowerPoint presentations, five academic articles, 15 in-class exercises, and three books that are about an inch thick.  It’s a lot of material to cover and the paper is due tomorrow afternoon, but Wambolt said she isn’t too worried thanks to a certain class she had this semester.

“I took a stress class this semester and it really helped me manage my time better,” said Wambolt. “We had to write down what we were doing every 30 minutes and it helped show me what I was really doing with my time.”


The class was called stress management and she also said “the time management lessons” she learned in that class was the most important lesson she learned this semester. It’s this skill that has helped Wambolt learn the material for her paper.

Wambolt plans on finishing her bachelor’s degree at Southern, unlike her four high school friends who left Southern for another school early in their college career.

“I’m staying here because there’s not a lot of schools around here that offer public health as a major,” said Wambolt. “After I’m done here I’m hoping to get my Master’s degree. Career-wise I really don’t know. I guess I’ll just figure it out along the way.”