Bus Maintenance: CTRANSIT’s New Haven Division HQ

The CTTRANSIT’s New Haven Division headquarters, located in Hamden, Connecticut, is a 296,000-square-foot building that houses over 325 hundred employees and 130 buses–97 of those buses are on the road during peak hours. Their headquarters originally stood in New Haven on James Street, but eventually outgrew that space and now rests on State Street next to the Hamden DMV.  Approximately 278,800 square feet of the building is dedicated to maintenance and bus parking. It’s massive. Seeing the number of buses lined up waiting to be serviced by their skilled technicians reminded me of airplanes in a airplane hangar. Within the concrete walls and steel beams of the garage the responsibilities of the technicians range from cleaning the buses to complete engine overhauls. I present a quick glimpse of what it’s like inside the garage.