Broken Bus Clothing brought on by frustration.

Inspired by the flaws he’s seen on CTTransit’s buses, Zachary Maxwell, a New Haven resident, and his friend decided to make a shirt that conveyed his frustrations. On a white t-shirt, in black, bold letters, the words Broken Bus stretched across a picture of a CTTransit bus with Elm City printed at the bottom corner of the photo.

“The whole system is bullshit,” Maxwell said. “They [CTTransit] probably pay their employees well and have good benefits for them, but they don’t do a good job at taking care of the buses.”

He hoped the shirt would launch a clothing company based on a “funny and a hip-hop style” design, but didn’t pursue it due to the lack of funds. He wanted the design of the shirt to be a satire to CTTransit’s bus system, at the same time share his frustrations he and other passengers may have endured.

“I’ll arrive at the bus stop on Orange Street to catch the M-bus three to five minutes early,” said Maxwell. “That bus is always early because by the time I get there it’s already leaving.”

Maxwell, a former resident of Westbrook, moved to New Haven one year ago and after crashing his Ford Focus he said he’s been taking the bus to go to his construction job and to the Westfield Connecticut Post mall on a weekly basis.Zachary Maxwell of New Haven.  Photo Credit: Carl Jordan CastroZachary Maxwell of New Haven.

While on the O-bus going to the Westfield Connecticut Post mall Maxwell said there’s a safety problem regarding the overcrowding of buses. Most of the time he has to stand near the steps by the front doors  throughout his trip back home in New Haven. Though most of the drivers are considerate and polite to the passengers Maxwell said there are some drivers that aren’t so nice.

“I’d say 90% of drivers are nice willing to help you out if you’re short [on change] for the fare,” said Maxwell. “But I’d say 10% percent of these drivers hate their jobs. They can be rude and snobbish to people. They probably think that these passengers are not nice, bums, unstable or on drugs. It’s not right sometimes.”

As Maxwell described the discrimination he’s seen towards passengers his attitude changed from a discontented humanitarian to a more calmly spoken man, reflecting on his personal experiences in life.

“I’m Jewish and come from a family with money,” Maxwell said as he looked down and held his hands together. “But I made some mistakes in my life, it happens. I don’t make a lot of money, but I’ve got an associates degree and I’m saving up money with this construction job.”