Lighting Shoot

Yesterday I got a chance to work with Phil Hovey, professional photographer based in Connecticut, and learned some photography techniques to use under bad sunlight. We worked with Carlee, a hairdresser/model/ singer/actress and dog lover. Just down right awesome. You can tell she’s done this before. As soon as I lifted up my camera she immediately struck a pose, as if it was a knee jerk reaction for her. It definitely made the day easier for me because I don’t know how the hell to pose people.




For beginning photographers a lot of their subjects are usually family and friends. Opportunities to shoot usually come in the form of someone’s birthday or family barbecues during the middle of the day when the sun is at it’s harshest. I’m not looking to becoming a professional photographer like Phil, who’s expertise falls into the world of fashion and beauty photography, or at least that isn’t my intention (who knows may be I’ll become one by accident.) I’m looking to become a better photojournalist and understanding your camera settings during terrible lighting is without a doubt essential. So we started off with basic overexposure settings with the camera. I learned a lot shooting under the program setting on my Canon 70d. Just bumping up the exposure a little bit really brought her face out of the shadow.





Then I tried to find a nice balance of shadows and light using manual settings. I’ve noticed that I need to take my time in making sure I have the right focus. I was way to excited and just started firing off shots. You live and your learn I guess. Enjoy the rest of these photos and please leave any comments and suggestions!


IMG_0882 IMG_0901 IMG_0931


Got to play with a flash on this last one,very exciting.