Writing 101: Just a View

     The temperature is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s a steady breeze rolling across my face with the sound of ocean waves rushing in and out of the shore. The sound of the leaves of a coconut tree behind me rustling in the wind was the perfect lullaby. Laying down on my bamboo mat, I tossed my book to the pile of other books I’ve been meaning to read and I said to myself, “This is perfect.”

I sit up, wiping the sand off my cargo shorts and stared at the ocean. The water is crystal clear and the further you looked the bluer it got. There’s something about the ocean. Seeing it, hearing it, feeling it, it’s so calming. It brings me to another world, a world where there are no  obligations or hectic schedules or asshole bosses. It’s just you and the ocean.

I start to walk towards the pier, its been there for awhile. There’s a good amount of seaweed latched onto the pillars of it and some of the wooden planks are either cracked or missing. The sand was hot and I should have brought my flip-flops , but it was much cooler earlier in the day. Whatever.

I reach the end of the pier and sit at the edge off it. With my feet in the water I can’t help but reflect on my life and the relationships that I have with all of them. My thoughts were interrupted by a
buzzing in my shorts. I take my phone out and a text message read “When will you be done?” It was from my boss. I look at the ocean and then back at my phone. At that moment I just didnt care. I know it’s irresponsible, but this moment that I’m in! It’s something I dont want to stop. I stand up and chuck my phone as hard as I could right into the ocean. I made my way back to my bamboo mat, cracked open a bottle of Sam Adams’ Noble Pills and continued to read before saying “This is perfect.”

That’s where I want to be, now I got to get back to work.