Writing 101: Unlock the Mind

I’ve always had a hard time just coming up with something to write. Take this assignment right here. I’m suppose to just keep writing and for 20 minutes straight…about what? I have no clue, one thing that has me going right is my determination to get this done before I start work at 3 p.m. I’ve got so many interest I wonder if they’re really interest or just somethings that I like to get into once in awhile. Science and technology, education in America, socio-economics, what’s it like to be a young adult, being extraverted, being introverted, my love for superheroes, having a job that pays well but absolutely hate but can’t get out of it because of the unintended obligations from money you get from that job. There’s a million things I’d like to talk about. I tend to get lost in the topics that I think about and even when I’m talking in a group of friends I’ll talk about three or four different topics. Just the other night I’m having dinner with my friend and two of my cousins. The conversations ranged from, finding a job, how to rob a bank, to my Chuck Norris-like uncle, to living on your own, to relationships, to fears, to drunk stories that everyone wants to forget. But I guess that’s how everyone is, we like to just talk and interact with people.


Which springs up another topic in my head; does being connected all the time through technology and social media mean we’re more connected than ever before OR is it making us more isolated? I’m constantly thinking like this. I’ve had a few journalism professors tell me it’s kind of a good thing. Oh that’s right I’m in school trying to become a journalist. I went into journalism with an idea of becoming a photojournalist for National Geographic. I figure my love for photography, outdoors, and the desire to expose different cultures to the world would make me an excellent candidate for it. But after my first year I’m considering other avenues. I’m starting to get into profile writing and documentary journalism. Who know where I’ll go with this. All I know is I want a career and I think journalism is right for me. I said the same thing about business administration and computer science but I didn’t feel like I fit in. Journalism is different and I’m hoping these exercises on WordPress will help become a better writer in a editorial sense. That being said my twenty minutes is almost up and I need to get my ass ready for work. I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow.