Tuition isn’t going to go down in Connecticut, so stop hoping it will.

Students of Connecticut need to face the facts, the cost of college is only going to get more expensive. Yeah that sounds dreadful, but you have to start preparing for the inevitable burden… Continue reading


A few months ago, I had the opportunity to create a photo essay on MakeHaven in New Haven, CT. Check it out below!  

Derby Middle School’s Genius Hour Create ‘Cases For A Cure’

  DERBY, Conn.—For an hour a week students at Derby Middle School indulge in personal projects involving fashion design, coding, and analyzing the structural integrity of the Titanic. English teacher Jennifer Andrews implemented a… Continue reading

Ansonia Priest Bikes over 300 miles to Canada

By Carl Jordan Castro     ANSONIA, Conn.–An Ansonia priest is planning to bike more than 300 miles to raise money for the Assumption School. The Rev. James Sullivan will embark June 1 from… Continue reading

My last night in Salamanca

I wrote this on July 25, 2015 in Salamanca, Spain. It was absolutely incredible. I’ll never forget the people I’ve met along the way. There is no life better than your own.  … Continue reading

Community building to politics, getting to know State Representative Robyn Porter

  NEW HAVEN– Sitting inside the corner of Three Brothers Diner State Rep. Robyn Porter (D) of the 94th District reflects on her career and Connecticut’s economy as she looked toward the neighborhood… Continue reading

Discontent among Americans

NEW HAVEN, Conn.–Inside Mr. Eddie’s Barber Shop a portrait of Barack Obama hangs next to Eddie Thorne’s family portrait. At 75-years-old Thorne has been in business for 47 years and remembers the how… Continue reading

Cost of health care a concern for millennials

How can millennials connect with politics through health care?       NEW HAVEN– From Occupy movements to viral internet memes, millennials have increasingly shown their positions toward social issues in America in the fight… Continue reading

Last minute paper, No pressure.

It’s finals week here at Southern and students are feeling the pressure. Dec. 11,2014 marks the first day of finals week and students are trying to put together their final papers and cram… Continue reading

Peaceful and civil, Protesters take to the streets of New York.

I was walking back from Union Square to Grand Central after picking up some Christmas gifts. It was a terrible time to be in New York. The rain poured all day and my… Continue reading